Concentration in Asia

Tze Loo, Advisor

International Studies: Asia

Tze M. Loo (History), Advisor

Note: Within the concentration, the eight units must be selected from three or more departments with no more than four units from a single department. 8 units, including

Three units from Humanities (Area A)
Three units from Social Sciences (Area B)
Two units from Area A or B

For eligibility of other relevant courses for inclusion in the major, see the concentration advisor.

Note: Students taking courses marked with an * can receive credits toward the concentration, provided they have the concentration advisor's approval and their papers/projects are related to Asia.

Area A: Humanities

ARTH 226 Art and Culture of Japan
ARTH 378 Topics in Asian Art
ARTH 383 East Asian Painting, Poetry and Calligraphy
CHIN 311 Insights into Chinese Culture
CHIN 315 Myths and Parables in Chinese Literature and Film
CHIN 401-CHIN 402 Topics in Advanced Chinese I-II
CHIN 410 Business Chinese
ENGL 214 Literature of India
ENGL 333 Literatures of South Asia
HIST 250 Modern East Asia 1600-1960
HIST 251 Chinese Revolutions
HIST 252 Modern China 1900-1940
HIST 255 Meiji Japan: An Emperor and the World Named for Him
HIST 341 History and Memory: WWII in East Asia
JAPN 311-JAPN 312 Japanese in Cultural Context I, II
JAPN 401-JAPN 402 Advanced Japanese Language, Literature, and Culture
MLC 225 Chinese Culture and Civilization
MLC 227 Action Genre in East Asian Cinema
MLC 323 Hero, Talent, and Beauty: Classicial Chinese Narrative
MLC 325 Revolution and Modernity in Chinese Literature
MLC 355 Chinese Cinema
MUS 125 Indonesian Theatre and Music
MUS 202 Global Repertoires
RELG 250 Introduction to World Religions
RELG 251 Sacred Arts of India
RELG 253 Body/Sex in World Religious Literature
RELG 259 Orientalism, Racism, and Religion
RELG 350 The Dao of Sex
RELG 352 Buddhism in India and Tibet
RELG 355 Selected Asian Religions
RELG 366 Buddhist Philosophy

Area B: Social Sciences

ANTH 302 Medicine and Healthy from a Global/Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 328 Anthropology of Human Rights*
ANTH 340 Southeast Asia: Cultural Representations
ECON 105 Introduction to Global Economics
ECON 211 Economic Development in Asia, Africa and Latin America
GEOG 345 Society, Economy and Nature: Global Perspective on Sustainable Development*
GEOG 370 Geographies of Economic Development and Globalization*
HIST 390 Food and Power in Asia and Africa
IBUS 390 International Business Issues (Asia/Pacific Management)*
GEOG 320 Power, Space and Territory: Geographies of Political Change*
PLSC 351 Globalization*
PLSC 343 Politics of Asia
PLSC 345 Politics of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
PLSC 347 Politics of Developing Nations*
PLSC 357 International Relations of East Asia
PLSC 358 The U.S. and Asia's Great Powers
SOC 306 Social Change in a Global Perspective*
SOC 335 Feast and Famine: Inequalities in the Global Food System*