Concentration in World Politics and Diplomacy

David Brandenberger, Sheila Carapico, Sandra Joireman, Stephen Long, Jenny Pribble, Carol Summers, and John Treadway, Advisors

International Studies: World Politics and Diplomacy

Stephen Long (Political Science), Jennifer Pribble (Political Science),  David Brandenberger (History), Carol Summers (History) and John D. Treadway (History), Advisors

Note: Within the concentration, the eight units must be selected from three or more departments with no more than four units from a single department.
8 units, including

Three units chosen from

ANTH 328 Anthropology of Human Rights
ECON 105 Introduction to Global Economics
ECON 210 The Economics of the European Union
ECON 211 Economic Development in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
ECON 310 International Trade and Finance
GEOG 320 Power, Space, and Territory: Geographies of Political Change
GEOG 370 Geographies of Economic Development and Globalization
HIST 215 United States and the World Since 1945
HIST 248 European Diplomacy from Bismarck to Hitler
HIST 390 Food and Power in Africa and Asia
HIST 391 Transnational Social Reform
HIST 392 Nations and Nationalism
PLSC 350 American Foreign Policy
PLSC 351 Globalization
PLSC 352 International Law and Organizations
PLSC 353 International Security
PLSC 356 International Political Economy
PLSC 359 Global Governance
PLSC 360 International Development Policy
SOC 233 Understanding Globalization

Five additional units selected from above and below

ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 302 Medicine and Health from a Global/Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 336 Politics, Power and Ritual
ANTH 360 Power and Society in the Middle East
ECON 230/ENVR 230 Environmental Economics
ENGL 336 Literatures of Globalization
GEOG 220/ENVR 220 Ecotourism
GEOG 279 Middle Eastern Geographies: Patterns of Space and Place
GEOG 320/PLSC 320 Power, Space, and Territory: Geographies of Political Change
GEOG 325 Latin American Geographies: Transnational and Local Connections
GEOG 345 Society, Economy and Nature: Global Perspectives on Sustainable Development
HIST 236 Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and After
HIST 237 The Last Soviet Generation
HIST 239 The French Revolution
HIST 240 Modern European Thought, 1650-1850
HIST 242 Modern Germany
HIST 245 Modern Balkans
HIST 246 Russia in Revolution, 1905-1934
HIST 249 Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 250 Modern East Asia 1600-1960
HIST 252 Modern China: 1900-1940
HIST 255 Meiji Japan: An Emperor and the World Named for Him
HIST 261 Modern Latin America
HIST 262 The Making of Modern Brazil
HIST 271 The Modern Middle East
HIST 272 The Ottoman Empire
HIST 281 Africa c. 1500-1900
HIST 282 Africa in the Twentieth Century
HIST 283 South Africa Since 1500
HIST 290 British Empire and Commonwealth
HIST 341 History and Memory: WWII in East Asia
LDST 307 Leadership in International Contexts
LDST 354 Conflict Resolution
MLC 360 Representing the Holocaust
PLSC 342 Transitions from Communism in Europe and Eurasia
PLSC 343 Politics of Asia
PLSC 344 Europe Today
PLSC 345 Politics of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
PLSC 346 Politics of Cultural Pluralism
PLSC 347 Politics of Developing Nations
PLSC 348 Politics of Africa
PLSC 349 Politics of Latin America and the Caribbean
PLSC 355 International Relations of the Middle East
PLSC 358 The U.S. and Asia's Great Powers
PLSC 363 Global Health, Infectious Disease, and Human Rights
RELG 281 Introduction to Islam
RHCS 350 Rhetoric in a Globalized World
RHCS 359 Media and War
SOC 231 Across the Pond: Europe vs. USA
SOC 232 Postsocialism in Russia and Eastern Europe
SOC 306 Social Change in a Global Perspective
SOC 335 Feast and Famine: Inequalities in the Global Food System