Why International Studies?

Given the present reality of our interdependent world, no country or nation can afford to live in isolation from or in ignorance of others. Because of this, the University of Richmond places special emphasis on the international education of all students. The primary objective of the international studies major is to provide knowledge about the global system in which we live. Students receive an education that allows them to understand other nations and societies and to deal with the economic, political, social, cultural and security issues confronting the world today.

It seems clear that, in the near future, virtually all occupations will be international in scope. Students with knowledge about other cultures have a wide variety of career options available to them: international trade and banking, law, all levels of government, human services, health and environmental organizations and education, to name a few. With increasing regularity, these fields are recruiting employees with knowledge and experience in global issues.

The international studies major is a good foundation for graduate study in such diverse areas as international law, business, history, political science, foreign languages,  anthropology, regional studies, international relations, intercultural communication, peace studies and other interdisciplinary programs.