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The International Studies program offers a multidisciplinary major that focuses on important issues such as the origins and implications of diversity and interdependence among nations, cultures, regions and peoples.

Faculty-Student Research

Faculty and Alumni Accomplishments

  • Summers Article

    History professor Carol Summers published "Scandal and Mass Politics: Buganda's 1941 Nnamasole Crisis" in the International Journal of African Historical Studies.

  • Joireman Article Dr. Sandra Joireman published, “Intergenerational land conflict in northern Uganda: children, customary law and return migration,” in the journal Africa.
  • Joireman Article

    Dr. Sandra Joireman recently published Protecting future rights for future citizens: children’s property rights in fragile environment, in Oxford Development Studies.

  • Carapico Featured Expert

    Dr. Sheila Carapico shared her expertise on Yemen with multiple media outlets, including ThinkProgress, after the death of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

  • Mellisa Salyk-Virk, '09

    Melissa Salyk-Virk, '09, recently completed a master's degree focusing on peacebuilding and transnational security at New York University's Center for Global Affairs. She is working as a contractor for the United Naitons Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate craftiing a research report that focuses on counter-narratives for terrorism and terroist recruitment.

  • Zach Lager, '09

    Zach Lager, '09, founded his own non-profit, the Local Development Catalyst Network (LDCN). The organization just opened a primary school in Nguineia, Mozambique, and is also working on a community reforestation project in that community.

  • Abbey Warchol, '13

    Abbey Warchol, '13, is working as project coordinator for the E-Collaborative for Civic Education. Her project offers electronic courses on topics including human rights, cyber activism and security, and student advocacy, to support active citizenship and civic leadership in Iran.

  • Sarah Bibler, '09

    Sarah Bibler serves as South Asia program coordinator at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, an organization that supports citizens’ right to participate in free and fair elections.

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