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International Studies: Modern Europe

Advisors: David Brandenberger (History), Sheila Carapico (Political Science), Yvonne Howell (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)

Core Teaching Faculty: Christopher Bischof (History), Thomas Bonfiglio (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Kathrin Bower (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), David Brandenberger (History), Olivier Delers (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Joanna Drell (History), Sharon Feldman (Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies), Jeffrey Hass (Sociology), Aurora Hermida-Ruiz (Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies), Yvonne Howell (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Sandra Joireman (Political Science), Aleksandra Sznajder Lee (Political Science), Angel Otero-Blanco (Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies), Sara Pappas (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Lidia Radi (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Francoise Ravaux-Kirkpatrick (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Martin Sulzer-Reichel (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Joseph Troncale (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Sydney Watts (History)

Note: Within the concentration, the eight units must be selected from three or more departments with no more than four units from a single department. It is expected that students will undertake their study abroad in Europe.

8 units, including

HIST 111 Ideas and Institutions of Western Civilization II, or an approved survey course in modern European history
PLSC 344 Europe Today
Two courses from Social Sciences and History (Area A)
Two courses from Intellectual and Cultural History (Area B)
Two courses from Literature (Area C)

Area A: Social Sciences/History

ECON 105 Introduction to Global Economics
ECON 210 The Economics of the European Union
GEOG 320 Power, Space, and Territory: Geographies of Political Change
HIST 230 The Renaissance
HIST 231 Norman & Plantagenet England
HIST 233 Reformation Europe
HIST 236 Russian Empire, Soviet Union and After
HIST 238 France: The Age of Absolutism, 1610-1780
HIST 239 The French Revolution
HIST 242 Modern Germany
HIST 244 Propaganda State
HIST 246 Russia in Revolution, 1905-1934
HIST 247 Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST 248 Europe in Crisis, 1881-1949
HIST 249 Cold War Europe, 1945-1991
HIST 272 The Ottoman Empire
HIST 290 Britain and the World
HIST 321 History of Work in Europe
HIST 326 Communism
PLSC 240 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLSC 342 Transitions from Communism in Europe and Eurasia
SOC 231 Across the Pond: Europe vs. USA
SOC 232 Postsocialism in Russia and Eastern Europe
SOC 306 Social Change in a Global Perspective

Area B: Intellectual and Cultural History

ARTH 122 Survey II: Renaissance to the Present
ARTH 315 Art of the Italian Renaissance
ARTH 316 Art in the Age of Reform
FREN 311 French and Francophone Culture
FREN 423 Enlightenment
FREN 462 Contemporary Ideas
FREN 465 French Film
FREN 486 Paris as Visual Cliché
GERM 314 German Through Theatre
GERM 465 Rebels with a Cause: Political Satire
GERM 471 Sexuality and German Society
GERM 472 Culture Wars & Identity Debates in German Society from Empire to EU
HIST 325 The Enlightenment
ITAL 311 Italian Culture and Society
ITAL 411 Italian Identities: Sicily, Veneto, and Tuscany
LAIS 305 Spanish in Politics and Society
LAIS 311 Perspectives on People and Cultures of Spain
LAIS 357 Seville in History and Fantasy
LAIS 361 Spanish Misfits
LAIS 421 Christians, Jews and Muslims from Frontier to Empire: Medieval Spain
LAIS 431 Imperial Spain
LAIS 462 Visions of Contemporary Spain
LAIS 465 Cinema of Spain
LLC 232 Russian Painting: 19th Century
LLC 233 Russian Painting: 20th Century
LLC 256 Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Culture
LLC 260 Literature and Social Change in Eastern Europe
LLC 265/FMST 265 German Cinema
LLC 335 Bolsheviks, Bombs and Ballet: Soviet Culture and Civilization
LLC 341 Gender and Sexuality in 19th-Century France
LLC 346 Insiders and Outsiders: Arabic Encounters with the West
LLC 360 Representing the Holocaust
MUS 228 Historical Musicology
MUS 344 Opera Studies
PHIL 272 Modern Western Philosophy
PHIL 336 Nineteenth-Century European Philosophy
PHIL 337 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 343 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 344 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHIL 357 Nietzsche
PLSC 312 Modern Political Theory
RELG 356 Religious Thought of the Renaissance and Reformation

Area C: Literature

ENGL 302 Literature of the English Renaissance
ENGL 304 Shakespeare
ENGL 309 Desire and Identity in the Renaissance: The Lyric Tradition
ENGL 311 English Literature of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
ENGL 312 English Literature of the Romantic Movement
ENGL 338 English Literature of the Victorian Period
ENGL 346 Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature
ENGL 349 Late Imperial Fiction
FREN 320 The Individual in Society
FREN 326 Revolution in France
FREN 327 The Question of Modernity
FREN 421 Renaissance
FREN 422 Le Siecle Classique
FREN 424 From Romanticism to Decadence
FREN 461 From Modern to Post-Modern
GERM 321 Introduction to German Literature
ITAL 321 Italian Literature in Context
ITAL 453 Selected Readings in 19th and 20th Century Italian Literature and Culture
LAIS 321 Literary Spain: Poetry, Drama, Fiction
LAIS 432 True Lies: Fiction and Truth in Don Quixote
LAIS 451 Spanish Literature of Exile
LAIS 453 Romantic Spain
LAIS 454 Modern Literature of Galicia
LAIS 455 Barcelona: Text and City
LAIS 462 Visions of Contemporary Spain
LAIS 463 Modern Spanish Narrative
LAIS 464 Modern Theatre in Spain
LLC 210 Women, Virtue, and Temptation in Literature
LLC 260 Literature and Social Change in Eastern Europe
LLC 321 Introduction to 19th-Century Russian Literature
LLC 322 Introduction to 20th-Century and Contemporary Russian Literature
LLC 341 Gender and Sexuality in 19th Century France
LLC 357 The Idea of the Renaissance: Self, History, and Knowledge
LLC 358 Desire and Identity in the Renaissance: The Lyric Tradition
RUSN 420 Readings in Russian Literature