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International Studies: Middle East

Advisors: Sheila Carapico (Political Science), Rania Sweis (Sociology and Anthropology), Yucel Yanikdag (History)

Core Teaching Faculty: Sheila Carapico (Political Science), Mimi Hanaoka (Religious Studies), Martin Sulzer-Reichel (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Rania Sweis (Sociology and Anthropology), Yucel Yanikdag (History)

Note: Within the concentration, the eight units must be selected from three or more departments with no more than four units from a single department. It is expected that students will study a Middle Eastern language and undertake their study abroad in a Middle Eastern or North African country or at an international university known for Middle Eastern studies.

8 units, including

Three units chosen from Humanities (Area A)
Three units chosen from Social Sciences (Area B)
Two units from Area A or B

Area A: Humanities

ARAB 301 Advanced Arabic
ARAB 302 Advanced Arabic II
ARAB 401 Arabic in the Media
ARAB 402 Introduction to Arabic in Literature
CLSC 321 Archaeology of the Middle East
HIST 271 The Modern Middle East
HIST 272 The Ottoman Empire
HIST 370 Contending Visions of the Middle East
LAIS 421 Christians, Jews and Muslims from Frontier to Empire:  Medieval Spain
LLC 242 From Scheherazade to Jasmine: The Arabian Nights in World Literature and Culture
LLC 243 Politics and Social Movements in Modern Middle Eastern Literatures
LLC 244 Writing Women in Modern Arabic Fiction
LLC 346 Insiders and Outsiders: Arabic Encounters with the West
RELG 230 The History of Israel
RELG 244 Sex and Family in the Greek and Roman Worlds
RELG 259 Orientalism, Racism, and Religion
RELG 281 Introduction to Islam
RELG 287 Ninety-nine Names of God
RELG 288 Saints and Sinners in Muslim Literature
RELG 385 Sufism: Introduction to Islamic Mysticism

Area B: Social Sciences

ANTH 350 Sex and Gender in the Middle East
ANTH 360 Power and Society in the Middle East
IBUS 388 ST: Global Business in a Digital World: Middle East
LLC 347 Islam, Nationalism, and the West: Modern Thought in the Arab World
PLSC 355 International Relations of the Middle East